Inspirational Unknown Women

Dear readers,

Recently I have been stuck for ideas to blog about, until a couple of days ago when I developed a concept of writing a series of blog posts inspired by women who do/did not have enough recognition for their actions. I will be writing about a woman from each decade, starting with the 1920s, that I feel deserves to be acknowledged. We live in a wonderful and mostly inclusive world with amazing opportunities for everyone. However there are still some elements that need to evolve. These women from the past each contributed something different to our community and they each have a different message. Some of these women have been the first in their industry to break the glass ceiling and innovate the world. I am especially excited about this topic and it is something that I am very passionate about. I try to apply these women’s determination into my daily life because I look up to them immensely. I will be sharing with you what I think are their most righteous deeds and paying a tribute to womens history.

See you next time,


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