Sufragette Movement

What is the suffragette movement? Why is it relevant to women’s everyday lives? We all know that the suffragettes are the reason that women are given the right to vote nowadays, but nobody really goes into detail about what they did for us.

The leader of the suffragettes was Emmeline Pankhurst, a name that I am sure that the majority of readers are familiar with. She was frustrated by the lack of progress, decided that more direct action was required and founded the Women’s Social and Political Union. Why were women unequal to men just because they were considered ‘weaker’? Their main purpose for life was to get married, give birth and look after their husbands every need, and women were becoming discontent.

To catch societies attention they began to protest, often breaking the law doing so. One famous protest, featuring Emmeline Pankhurst, included her and a rally of suffragettes marched to Buckingham Palace to see the king, She dodged the police and made it to the Palace gates, Unfortunately, she was arrested before getting the chance to protest furthermore.

Even after multiple suffragettes were arrested for their actions, they continued to remonstrate whilst in jail. Imprisoned suffragettes went on hunger strikes for their cause. The government reacted first by releasing them, avoiding liability for any deaths but eventually began to brutally force-feed the women. Other acts of Feminism involved breaking windows, destroying prized possessions, stealing and other acts of vandalism.

These inspiring women fought for our rights at a time when women were subdued by men. Even when society mocked them for causing outrage they persevered. I believe that schools today should go more into depth about the suffragette movement to educate young girls about their ancestor’s courageous actions.

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