Over a third of British residents feel stressed for one full day per week, An average of Nine days per month. The most common cause of stress is money, followed by work, health concerns, failure to get enough sleep and household chores.

Most of us have experienced stress, whether it be the little things like being late for our lessons or waiting for medical results to come back. Stress is a horrible, nauseating feeling. It can lead to several mental and physical illnesses as well, such as Anxiety, Depression, Anorexia etc. etc.

I have experienced Anxiety once before, It was during my studying to get into a good school. My mind was telling me that I wasn’t smart enough to be accepted into such a prestigious school. However I decided not to let it sway me, focus on my goal and persevere. I Achieved my target even though I was  continually stressed out.

Some find that stress can help them to focus and motivate them to improve, whilst others can find it very unpleasant. Exercise is the best way to diffuse stress. You could also light a candle, eat a healthy dinner or take a shower! Whatever you think will make you feel peaceful and calm.

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