Starting my own blog…


Welcome to my blog! I want to explain why I have decided to write a blog… I aspire to be a journalist in the future. And in order to do this I decided that it would be a good idea to start a blog. My blog isn’t necessarily focused on one subject… my blog will be about things that I find interesting.Whether it be politics or my personal life I like to write things that I have strong feelings about.

Some may think that its unusual for a person to be seeking work experience when their career hasn’t even started, however I believe that that is a good idea to do something with your time that will benefit your future.  Writing has always been something that I enjoy doing and actually am quite good at! I have always enjoyed reading books and writing stories, but until a couple of years ago it didn’t occur to me that I had talent. So I decided to Create a blog and write about whatever I want…

This blog I hope will make my readers understand my opinions about the world and hopefully make a difference in how they see things. I can’t wait to get properly started and hopefully have some readers enjoy my writing…

See you next time,


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